About Liz McWatt

My lifestyle embraces my work

I am passionate about all the therapies I offer to you. Each one of them has been instrumental in bringing tremendous benefits to me personally, so much so, that I had to learn more about them so I could offer them to you, my clients.

I walk my talk, so you can be assured that my lifestyle includes good food, a healthy lifestyle, and living in close connection with nature.

I love cooking and eating freshly home-grown foods wherever possible. The eldest of five children brought up being self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables (“The Good Life” was my parents’ ethos), I learnt to cook at an early age and be creative with ingredients to use all our precious harvest.

I developed food intolerances and allergies when I was 20 years old, so following a gluten-free/dairy-free diet is second nature. I’ve learnt over the years how to cook foods that are every bit as delicious despite the dietary restrictions, so I have plenty of know-how to help you through making dietary changes. I understand the demands of a busy lifestyle mean you need practical advice based on experience to help smooth the way through dietary changes. I have plenty of tips to help make it easier for you.

Although I love my work, I have a fulfilling lifestyle that nourishes me and keeps me healthy as much as the food I eat.

I still grow as much of my own food as I can – you can’t beat the taste (or the nutritional composition) of organically grown produce.

I have two loveable energetic dogs and love walking on the fells communing with nature. I also have horses and chickens so  I’m often to be found knee-deep in muck, hanging out on my field, enjoying the unique relationship I  have developed with my animals, tending to the veggie plot and appreciating the benefits of countryside life.