Shamanism is without a doubt one of the most powerful and empowering healing modalities I have encountered and personally, I have found it to be of enormous benefit in my life.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the most ancient form of spiritual practice which dates back at least 35,000 years to the time of Hunter-Gatherer Culture when every tribe practiced shamanism. It was practiced widely in the UK until 2-3000 years ago. A return of interest in shamanism in modern society was largely brought about by the work of Michael Harner an anthropologist studying cross-cultural shamans in the 1960s. He identified that you could take an indigenous shaman across the world to another indigenous tribe and that their practice would be almost identical. There is no other ancient body of knowledge that is so consistent globally. Michael Harner adapted shamanic practice so that it could fit into any environment including the modern western world.

Shamans consider the entire universe to be alive and interconnected. A shamanic practitioner facilitates healing by “journeying” to shamanic realities to work with their guides to request healing & advice on the client’s behalf.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans believe that illness occurs for two main reasons: loss of power or soul loss. Power loss is caused by a loss of a sense of connection to nature and the spiritual world. Soul loss occurs because a part of us leaves as a result of traumatic physical or emotional event. Both soul loss and loss of power can leave us in a vulnerable state and open to intrusions which can further deplete us. Intrusions can take various forms, largely these are negative thought forms and beliefs, often from others, but they can also include addictions and addictive behaviours, toxins, toxic relationships etc…

Shamanic healing seeks to gently remove toxins and intrusions, restore power and lost soul parts to bring about a truly holistic healing of the mind, body and spirit.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul loss is when we lose a part of ourselves usually through some kind of trauma. Soul loss can occur for various reasons, such as physical or emotional trauma, bereavement, near death experiences. In some cases we may have sent part of ourselves away so that we could cope with our reality and in some cases we may have given a part of ourselves away in a relationship.

We hear people say things like “when … died, I lost part of myself too”. It may not be a loss of a person, but a loss of a pet, or a job, business, home etc.. Is there a time when you could say, I have never felt well since..?

When I first heard the term soul retrieval, it instantly resonated with me and I knew I had to have one done. I have to say it was one of the most powerful healing experiences I have had.

Ancestral Healing

Do you feel out of place in your family? Do you have ‘unfinished business’ with family members who have died? Do you feel constrained or bound by family history?

Shamanic healing can be a powerful tool in helping to heal family wounds. Indigenous cultures knew the importance of our ancestral lineage and remembering their deceased family members and honouring their memories played an important part in their lives. Shamanic healers often communicate with the ancestors and their ancestors may be powerful healing allies for them.

Shamans were also aware that we will all become ancestors ourselves one day, and that what we do will have consequences for the generations that come after us. A cornerstone of Shamanic teaching is that we are all profoundly interconnected; part of a web of energy. The very way we live our lives; the thoughts and meanings that we choose; our deeds and actions; all these shape not only the life experiences of ourselves and those around us, but the lives of those who will come after us too.

Research has shown that our thoughts and emotions affect our gene expression (not the DNA sequence itself, but the on/off pattern of our genes). This pattern is then passed down in our genes if we have children. Further studies have shown that childhood trauma has a life-long effect on an individual’s pattern of gene switches. By definition, this pattern is then inheritable. So we pass the experience of our childhood trauma down to our children, and they then pass it on to future generations. Our life experiences literally get passed down to our descendants.

In this way it is entirely possible that we may be suffering the post-traumatic effects of trauma from one of our grandparents, great-grandparents, or even further back. It is generally accepted that we effect seven generations after us and are affected by seven generations that come before us. Therefore there may be trauma that we may have absolutely no conscious knowledge of, but which may be nonetheless a factor in issues in our lives such as addictions, anxiety, depression, anger-issues, relationship issues etc..

How Can Shamanic Healing Help My Ancestral Issues?

Shamanic work can do this in a very effective way, by literally removing unwanted / unhealthy energetic influences that are affecting our lives.
It may be through soul or power retrieval; literally taking back part of our soul or power that we either gave away, or had taken from us.

It could also involve the removal of ‘thought forms’ from the family member or ancestor. This involves removing the negative or unhelpful beliefs, messages, scripts, feelings, obligations and so on, that we have absorbed or had passed down to us. In doing this, we are literally physically recoding our DNA, by changing the pattern of the gene switching.

It is even possible in shamanic work to travel down the back into the past, ancestral lines and do shamanic healing with those ancestors who need it.

Shamanism can also help with persuading an ancestor who still hanging around and literally is haunting a family, to move on. This is a specialism of shamanism, and is known as psychopomping – the process of helping the lost or unquiet dead to let go and pass over.

Healing Your Life’s Journey

Do you ever feel that you are on the wrong path in life or your life isn’t working for you in some way but don’t know how to change it?

Power and Soul Retrieval can help to give you back the strength you need to face life’s challenges.

Shamanic healing can help you to look behind and beyond the personal stories of your life and help you to understand the patterns, behaviours and conditioning and all the other ways you are stuck on the wrong path, in the wrong relationship or job. In this way shamanic healing can help to empower you to help you so that you can make the changes you need to live a more authentic life.

Shamanic Healing for Animals

My experience with my own pets has taught me how much our beloved animal friends can benefit from Shamanic Healing.

Shamanic healing with animals is the same in many ways as it is with humans. Animals lose soul parts and take on invasive energies, for example, just like we humans do. Shamanic healing for animals gives us a way to know what our pet feels and need to bring them relief. Often this healing involves giving advice from the animal. Shamanic skills also give us a way to attend compassionately and completely to the dying and death of a beloved pet. Shamanic healing is a very deep, profound method of spiritual healing that can promote health in virtually all aspects of your pet’s life.

What does a Shamanic Healing Session Involve?

When you book an appointment, I will send you an e-mail asking you to give me a few details about what you are wanting help with.

It is helpful if you can send this back to me at least a week before your appointment. When you come for your appointment, we will spend about half an hour taking over the issues you are wanting to work with in greater detail. After we have done this, I will then do the journey for you; during this time you can sit and relax or meditate too.

When I have finished the journey, I will then tell you what has happened and we can talk about how you can incorporate it into your life.

You will probably want to write this down so you can refer to it later.