Get Involved With One Of My Workshops

I have a variety of interesting workshops on offer at a very reasonable price and will be creating some new ones for 2021. I’ve pulled together different learning styles and most of the days have interactive sessions to keep you engaged too.

I want you to enjoy my workshops – because I love doing them too! If you are open to learning a bit more about healthy living and getting in tune with nature, then attending one of my workshops could be just what you are looking for.

Workshop Offers
I have used a lovely venue close to Kendal but have also travelled to a variety of other places on request to deliver my workshops. If you would like me to come and deliver a workshop closer to home, then get in touch and I’ll be happy to try and accommodate you.

Perhaps you‘d like to experience one of the workshops with a group of people you know / you can’t make the dates advertised or it is too far to travel for you. The minimum group size is 10 people (ideally I prefer up to 15) and the organiser gets a free place if they can provide the venue.

Do get in touch if this appeals to you.

I am also available for corporate health and well-being days.
I want to get the message about a healthy lifestyle and well-being to as many people as I can.

Beach Ride

Homeopathy for Hoof & Hound

If you’ve got an extended animal family and you’re interested in natural healthcare, then this one day workshop could be just what you are looking for!

Attending Homeopathy for Hoof & Hound will give you the skills you need to confidently start to use Homeopathy and choose the right remedies to support your animal family’s health & well-being.

What will you learn on the day?
This workshop will include:

• The basic history & concepts of Homeopathy: how does it work?
• An introduction to the principles of Mind / Body / Spirit Healing: Understanding health from the holistic perspective
• In-depth information on a selection of commonly used
& useful remedies
• A look at some common scenarios & the remedies which can be helpful
• Useful tips on how to find the right remedies
• A chance to experience a meditative exploration of finding a remedy for your pet

Homeopathy is a safe, yet effective, holistic medicine which is non-toxic and can be used to complement veterinary treatment or to support your beloved animal family members with minor ailments, injuries, and behavioural issues using Homeopathy

You should always seek the advice of your vet if you have any concerns over your pet’s health

The cost of the workshop is £65 and booking is essential
A deposit of £30 secures a place (non-refundable, except in the event of the course being cancelled).

You will have the option to buy individual remedies or a Helios Pet Remedy Kit on the day. I also recommend you buy the Ainsworth’s Essential Remedy Book for either horse or dog which I can order in advance and have there on the day for you to collect.

Shaman Working with Feathers

Discover Shamanism; Starting The Journey

Shamanism is our most ancient spiritual tradition and it is a powerful self-healing tool. It is a spiritual practice that we instinctively know how to do, because it’s been practised by the majority of all our ancestors over tens of thousands of years, in every part of the world. 

One of the things that attracted me to shamanism was that you don’t have to be special to do it, anyone can do it, you just need to learn how

Shamanism had all but been lost to the modern world and was rediscovered by Michael Harner, an anthropologist and author of “The Way of The Shaman”, in the 1960s. He was struck by the similarities in spiritual practice when he visited the different tribes identified that you could take a tribal shaman across the world to another indigenous tribe and that their practice would be almost identical. There is no other ancient body of knowledge that is so consistent globally. Michael studied with the indigenous tribes and then adapted and brought back shamanic practice,  re-introducing it to our modern world.

Shamanism is not a religion & can be practised alongside any other spiritual practice. It is a transformative self-healing tool that connects you back to the authentic world of nature.

What Will You Learn?


Preparing yourself to Journey

The ceremony of creating Sacred Space for Shamanic Work


Where did it come from; the nuts and bolts of shamanism

The Lost Art of Storytelling; how to tell a healing story

The story of how we lost shamanism & how we can live authentically in this modern world


How to do a shamanic journey followed by a practical step-by-step guided journey session

Experiencing a personal journey to meet your own Power Animal

How to work with your Power Animal & embed it in your life

silhouette of native indian american woman walking on hill among trees in sunset evening mountains

Shamanism Next Steps; Deepening The Journey

I’ve started to work on a series of one-day workshops to help you develop new skills and confidence in shamanic journeying, the Next Step Days are designed to help you deepen your experience of Shamanism.

Please note these workshops are only available to people who have previously attended either one of my Discover Shamanism workshops or attended an Introduction to Shamanism with either Paul Francis or one of the practitioners of The Three Raven’s College.

Shamanic ‘Next Step’ Days: What Are They All About?

The Next Step Days are intended to help you to experience more shamanic journeying and to cover more of the fundamentals of shamanism to grow your confidence and knowledge.

You may feel you want to develop Shamanism further by attending an established college such as The Three Ravens foundation courses.

My aim is to work experientially to connect you more deeply with your natural environment and the shamanic realms, to work more deeply with your stone, plant, tree, animal and human guides and the elements, to answer any questions you may have and provide an opportunity to do more grounding and healing on yourself.

The Stone People

The stone people are the foundation of all life, all life form is made from mineral it could be said: “We are stone people dancing, experiencing being human”. Learning how to work with these important guides is an important foundation of shamanic journeying and practice and one we can easily embed is this reality by working with crystals, rocks and stones.

This day will also be largely experiential and as well as being a good opportunity for you to practice your journeying skills and get further guidance from the tutors on improving your skills we will be spending the day getting to know the stone people, working with the gnomes and stone people guides to get a healing for yourselves and also to practice working with others to facilitate a healing.

Homeopathy & Health for Beginners

How would you like the skills to help yourself, your family and friends with a safe natural & effective treatment for minor ailments and upsets? Why not come along and join me for an exciting new workshop

What Is Homeopathy?
Recognized by the World Health Organisation report in 2005 as the second most popular healthcare choice, Homeopathy is a therapeutic system which harnesses the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Homeopaths sees illness as a recognition of disharmony within the body and recognise that it is the whole person that needs treating rather than the illness.

Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine used to treat both acute and chronic conditions by promoting the bodies own healing response. It is based on the principle that ‘like cures like’ and can be used as a medicine in its own right or complementary to other forms of healing and works well as part of an integrated approach to health.

Homeopathy is virtually 100% safe and can be used alongside conventional medicines without concern over interactions.

What will you learn on the day?
I aim to teach you the essential skills you need to choose the right remedies effectively for yourself and your family to use in everyday situations.

This workshop will include: 

• The basic history & concepts of Homeopathy: how does it work?
• An introduction to the principles of Mind / Body / Spirit Healing: Understanding health from the holistic perspective
• In-depth information on a selection of commonly used & useful remedies
• A look at some common scenarios & the remedies which can be helpful
• Useful tips on how to find the right remedies
• A chance to experience a meditative exploration of a remedy

Booking is Essential
The cost of the workshop is £55 and a deposit of £25 secures your place (Non-refundable, except in the event of the course being cancelled)

I will bring along a range of medicating potencies so you can make up any remedies you would like to take away for your own use. Remedies will cost £2.50 per bottle.
You will also have the opportunity to purchase a Helios Homeopathic Remedy Kit containing 18 commonly used remedies on the day.

To book your place, please contact me directly to receive your booking form and more information about the day